ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — It’s the very start of pumpkin season! Many are excited to get into the fall spirit, as area farmers’ markets being to reap the season’s harvest. That means pumpkins sales have already started.

Even so, most local farmers are still waiting for the perfect time to detach the pumpkins from their vines. “I’d like to say, late September right around the first of October—there are five weekends in October this year, which means that’s there’s a long time in there for them to last,” said Dan Hurley, owner of Bradley Farms. “Depending on what weather conditions are, if it turns out hot again—pumpkins don’t like that.”

At Bradley Farms, pumpkin sales start with eighty to a hundred tons of pumpkins. By the end of October, they hope to have them all sold. Keep in mind that, once carved, pumpkins usually only last a week or 10 days.