ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany Stratton VA announced Tuesday a new service will be utilized at the hospital, expanding their virtual service technology to include Tele-Critical Care (TeleCC). TeleCC is a telehealth program that provides remote Intensive Care Unit (ICU) support in the care of ICU patients using virtual technologies and clinical information systems.

Even when local providers are busy, TeleCC services allow for continuous monitoring of Veterans receiving ICU care. TeleCC providers can interact with patients in real-time on a two-way video call, similar to virtual meetings.

“TeleCC exemplifies how VA is leveraging advanced technologies to provide the highest quality
services to Veterans,” said Albany Stratton VA Medical Center Director Darlene Delancey. “It enhances
quality by adding an additional layer of monitoring to standard care, increasing access to intensive care
expertise while working collaboratively with the bedside teams.”

Currently, Stratton VA provides over 50 telehealth services to Veterans through almost all of its providers and departments. Services include Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT), Virtual Video Connect (VVC), and Store and Forward (SFT) options. The Stratton VA is the second New York VA medical center to be able to provide the new TeleCC technology. Buffalo VA was the first, initiating TeleCC on March 3, 2022, and the new program is expected to be rolled out to other New York State VAs in the next six months.