ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In this day and age, convenience is king. Two local nurses are taking that philosophy into your living room with a new in-home take on healthcare.

“You worry about exposure to other people, and very often you go into a doctor‘s waiting room and there are sick people in there and if you’re feeling vulnerable, it’s much nicer to have them come into your home,” says patient Colleen Morris.

Alison Joseph and John Brown are the co-founders of JBA Concierge Medicine. They say theirs will be the only private practice in the Capital Region offering both in-home and basic telemedicine. They say after years working in hospitals and traditional doctors’ offices, they couldn’t help feeling a piece was missing from the puzzle.

“In the traditional environment, a lot of the time primary care providers are overwhelmed,” Joseph explains to NEWS10’s Mikhaela Singleton. “People have a lot of difficulty getting into a provider’s office within a reasonable period of time. It can take upwards of three months just to see a primary care provider, so you have people going to urgent care for primary care or emergency rooms which is not a good option for the facility or for the patient.”

“We’ve seen patients in our previous work environments, and they miss their appointments or they’re 20 minutes late because of buses or cabs. We want to change that dynamic, so now that will never be a problem because we’re coming to you,” Brown further adds.

Starting September 1, JBA will be able to offer physicals, well-woman checkups, COVID testing and other preventative care essentials to patients in need. Joseph and Brown both say they want to fill a service gap for the marginalized in society.

“People often don’t realize that the marginalized aren’t always the poor or who lack services. There are many people in many walks of life that are marginalized just because they’re not sure how to navigate the system,” Joseph says.

“For instance, I’ve had mothers who are not able to get out of the house, busy with the children, who can’t take care of themselves or patients who are caretakers for elder parents and they let their own health go. Some people are homebound, so we want to provide care for them. Some people would just rather be more comfortable in the house. Others are healthy and have minimal issues or urgent care issues and feel telemedicine is enough for what they need in that moment,” she goes on to explain.

“Medically, I’ve experienced ageism where people don’t listen, you know? They just put you in a category and each of us is unique,” Morris says. “In my home, it’s easier for me to think of things in the context of my life that I want to talk about. I need someone to be a good listener, and I seem to need it more now that I’m older and don’t understand all the things that are happening.”

Joseph and Brown are committed to being those good listeners and add they want to bring compassion back to healthcare.

“Taking the time to look at each patient and individualize each patient and say to them, okay I understand what you’re going through,” Brown says.

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