Heads up! While this morning looks and feels spectacular, conditions will change quickly as we approach the second half of the day. A few showers could pop up around lunchtime, then a line of storms will move in from the Adirondacks in the mid to late afternoon.

Some of these storms could pack a punch, with heavy rain, damaging winds, and perhaps small hail. Areas shaded in yellow on the map below have the greatest risk of experiencing those severe weather factors. East of the Hudson River, the severe threat drops off. That is because the storms will approach those areas later in the evening, as the sun is going down and things are beginning to cool off. Western New England can still expect to see rain, but the wind and hail threat is lower.

Parts of Southern Vermont, including Bennington County, could see enough rain to lead to flooding concerns. A flash flood watch will go into effect later today and last through the overnight, as leftover showers could linger until sunrise Monday.

Lows will be a touch more mild, in the 50’s for most by Monday morning. That’s still cooler than average, but we won’t be challenging any records as we did on Saturday morning.

We will clear out in spectacular fashion, starting after sunrise on Monday. Highs through Wednesday will be in the mid to upper 70’s, and we should stay dry through that period.

Thursday is a bit warmer, in the 80’s, but still mostly dry. The heat will creep up just a bit as we go into Friday and Saturday, with humidity increasing as well. That combination will lend itself to showers and then thunderstorms. The long term outlook (looking into mid-August) is warmer than average, so enjoy this relatively cool and dry stretch while we’ve got it!