Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo:

This weather is almost too good-now for too long. Today-low 80s and low humidity-This is drying everything out quickly.

More Sunny/Dry Weather
We’ve had too many days like this in May.
Please start conserving on water.
Still no widespread rain in sight.
Here is the recap for May.
The 10th Driest on Record….and most areas have had 40-60% of the Normal Rainfall for the past 30 Days.
Latest Surface Maps…..
Blocking High Pressure continues to dominate the Northeast-Storm stuck to our south.
Warmer tomorrow-then the hot Stuff out west arrives on Thursday and Friday….maybe Fri afternoon we can get a T’storm-then cooler for the weekend.
Big Wildfires continue in Nova Scotia.
Some of our weather models show this smoke plume to mopve westward tonight and tomorrow.
Don’t be surprised of the skies get very hazy….it’s not from humidity or clouds-but smoke up high in the atmosphere.

TONIGHT: M.Clear….Cooling off.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly Sunny/Warmer-still low humidity.

and the temps Thursday-Friday….HOT

Beautiful picture of a Lady Slipper from Milton with the setting sun.

They are in bloom now…go for a hike in the woods-you might get luck.

Thanks Samantha Cottrell.

This is the most common color…they also come in Yellow…the most rare is White.

Remember they are protected- DO NOT Disturb !