Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo & Rob Lindenmuth:

What a beautiful afternoon today with sunshine, low levels of humidity and temperatures in the mid 70s for most. If you liked today and the last several days, you will enjoy Wednesday as temperatures will start cool in the morning, but will warm nicely by the afternoon closer to 80 degrees.

With light winds, clear skies and very dry air, there is the threat once again for patchy frost overnight tonight. This threat would be patchy and mainly east of the Hudson River into Western New England, protect your plants tonight!

High pressure will begin to reposition itself heading into Thursday, this will turn our winds from the northeast to a more southerly direction, which will help to boost our temperatures into the low to potentially mid 80s for the end of the week.

Not much to show on the futurecast, as high pressure will prevent the development of any clouds over the next few days, but temperatures will continue to gain a few degrees each and every day.

As high pressure drifts east on Thursday and our winds shift, we will begin to see an increase in not only temperature but also humidity levels. This wind direction will help to pull in moisture from the south and really give us that summer-time feel come Thursday and Friday afternoon. This will also allow for a few clouds to develop, however, we are still expecting a fair deal of sunshine.

The warmth continues through the weekend, along with the moderate levels of humidity. That warmth and humidity will allow for the potential for a few pop-up showers and perhaps a thunderstorm for both Saturday and Sunday. This threat will carry into early parts of next week. Behind that, temperatures cool back close to normal with partly sunny skies into the middle of next week. Have a great night! -Cap & Rob

Dew Points….next 7 Days. Warm and comfortable…and then Friday into the weekend, more humid-getting muggy.

Warm and dry Weather Pattern….That means VERY High Tree Pollen. This will unfortunately continue into the weekend. Great weather-but difficult for those of you with tree pollen allergies.