Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth:

Certainly was not the nicest way to start the weekend with showers and temperatures holding in the mid 50s. Our average high for the end of April is in the mid 60s so we were significantly cooler than average. We should get a touch warmer with some dry time on Sunday, but heavy rain is likely, especially by Sunday late afternoon into the overnight.

We currently have a storm system that is swirling away in the Great Lakes. This will be slowly approaching us for Sunday afternoon. At the same time there is an area of low pressure near the Gulf of Mexico, this will be forced northward through Sunday afternoon and arrive in the Capital Region by Sunday late afternoon and evening.

When that gets here expect periods of heavy rain to continue into the night with the chance at a rumble or two of thunder. Once this feature arrives, it will be sticking around for a while. Much has been the case the last few weeks we will be talking about another pesky upper level low that will be sitting near the Great Lakes and bringing unsettled weather to most through the middle of the week as we continue to see a blocking pattern in the jetstream level. This means that storm systems cannot move from west to east, instead they get stuck and we just happen to be where they have been getting stuck.

Showers look to start on Sunday, anyone could see them, but the best chance for widespread activity would be to the west of the Hudson River.

There may be some dry time with mostly cloudy skies through the early afternoon hours. This is when our temperatures have a chance to warm into the upper 50s and perhaps even the low 60s.

That dry time is very short lived as another push of rain will be arriving by Sunday evening. This could be accompanied by a few rumbles of thunder and periods of heavy rain. This will continue into the night on Sunday.

By Monday we look to try and get a push of drier air from the south and west. While I think we will remain mostly cloudy, temperatures will likely be a touch warmer with highs in the low 60s. Watch for instability showers through Monday afternoon, meaning that it will not be a washout, but we do expect there to be scattered showers out and about.

With the upper level storm system directly overhead for Tuesday and Wednesday we will keep the clouds and a better chance at a few showers. This will also keep our temperatures much cooler with highs mainly in the mid 50s. We keep the clouds for the end of the week but we do look to see a drying trend by Thursday and into Friday. Temperatures should rebound to the upper 50s by Friday with some sun for Saturday pushing highs back into the low to mid 60s! Have a great night! -Rob