Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth:

What a way to end the weekend, chilly start but with abundant sunshine through midday, temperatures managed to warm into the mid 40s for many. Clouds are here and will continue to thicken up overnight ahead of part one of our major winter storm that is set to really get going Monday night and continue into Tuesday.

Winter Storm Warnings have been issued across most of the New 10 viewing area for significant snowfall amounts expected, with many picking up a half a foot to a foot, with other likely seeing 20″+.

The storm will come in two parts, part one will be Monday afternoon with mainly light scattered rain and snow showers. Snow should be confined to areas above 1500 feet during the day and minor accumulations are expected by Monday evening. Everyone else should expect mainly rain showers with a flake or two mixing in from time to time.

Part two of the storm will be Monday night into Tuesday as a coastal storm begins to develop and interact with some energy coming out of the Great Lakes. This will set up the area in a period of heavy snow into Tuesday midday before things let up by late afternoon and evening on Tuesday.

Futurecast shows the rain and mountain snow showers for us through Monday evening. Do not expect many issues during Monday afternoon.

It will be later Monday night that the rain changes to snow in the valley and will begin to stick. Likely looking between 10pm-midnight for snow to stick in the valley and once it does it will accumulate quickly. Sticking to everything as it does, this will be a very heavy wet snow, so power outages will become a concern through Tuesday.

Heavy snow will continue through Tuesday afternoon. Winds could gust from time to time 35-40 mph, especially in the higher terrain above 1,000 feet.

Snow will slowly taper off into Tuesday evening and Tuesday night after dropping a significant amount for many. East and West of the Hudson Valley look to be measuring snow by the feet, with likely areas of 1-2 feet of snow likely. There could be a few areas, especially in the southeastern Catskills that get close to 3 feet of snow from this storm. Lesser amounts expected to the north and into Washington county where there is a likelihood of a shadow developing.

Beyond this storm, the week is looking relatively quiet with cool conditions on Wednesday with a bit of a breeze. Next chance at rain comes in Friday into Saturday, with a cooldown to follow into next Sunday. Have a great week and stay safe! -Rob