Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo:

What a day ! Crazy right-Normal High Should be near 40. Today it reached 58. Cooler weather arrives tomorrow(still above normal)-then colder weather on Friday. It will be back to “Normal” for this time of year….

VERY Mild Today. High Temp reached 58 in Albany….Here is a recap of the High Temps this month for December.

Latest Surface Maps….Weak Cool Front moving through tonight…a wedge of dry air moves in for Thursday. It will be cooler-but still not bad for this time of year. Large Cold High Pressure System heads East for Friday and will be north of us for 4-5 Days-with more typical December Weather for us.

FUTURECAST….Cold Front moves through later tonight…Drier air/cooler weather moves in For Thursday-but still slightly above normal..Much Colder air in the Upper Mid-West noses down Friday with a Big High Pressure to our north….This will be with us into next week. Temps more “Normal” for this time of year.

The Next 48 Hours…..Drier air moves in for Thursday….and then colder air for Friday into the weekend.

7 and 10 Day Forecast….One more fairly mild day-then the change comes. Going into a more “Normal” December Weather Pattern for sure. In fact-most of our data today is showing the chance at some snow Sunday afternoon and night-We will watch. After that…chilly and quiet weather returns.

8-14 Day Outlook….Much of the country Below Normal…..But it is slowly moving east…As for us-small corner of above normal temps possible, and it does look like the weather pattern may be getting more active.