The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Jill Szwed.

Merry Christmas Eve! That Arctic front meant business! 53° yesterday morning to just 7° this morning. Wind chills are even more of an ouch! Feels like temperatures will stay below zero for the better part of the day.

At least our weather is a little quieter. It will be all about the icy winds. Meanwhile another significant lake effect event is underway for the Tug Hill and western New York. Buffalo is bracing for an historic blizzard this Christmas.

Santa will need a firm grip on the reigns as he flies into the News10 area tonight. Breezy and frigid again as temperatures dip back into the single digits. The Big Man and his reindeer will feel right at home with the very cold temperatures that will linger into Christmas Day.

As for our White Christmas chances, the valley floor will have to keep dreaming this year. The higher terrain lucked out and picked up a good bit of snow following Friday’s Arctic front.

Our Christmas wish of milder temperatures will come, but not until the end of next week. Temperatures will slowly moderate during the final week of the year. By Friday highs will be back in the 40s!