The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Jill Szwed.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Happy Friday! Rain, wind, plummeting temperatures, some snow, and bitter wind chills – did Mother Nature cover everything on your Christmas list? This major winter storm means business and is packing a number of high impact threats. Let’s take them one by one.

The rain and flooding concerns

It is raining now. The widespread steady, and at times heavy rain, along with melting snow could lead to flooding concerns. Local water ways may swell. Water will want to pool in low lying spots. Watch your speed on the roads to avoid hydroplaning.

High winds

The wind will get cranked up ahead of the Arctic front. Sustained winds will be between 20 mph and 30 mph. Gusts of 40 mph to 60 mph are possible. The strongest winds are expected in the hills east of the Hudson River and up north. Downed trees and power outages are anticipated especially in the higher terrain, where the strongest winds are predicted. Consider bringing some of your holiday decor inside, including your inflatables.

Falling temperatures

Temperatures will warm for the next few hours. A morning high in the lower 50s is expected before the Arctic air takes over. Temperatures will sharply drop during the second part of the day. A flash freeze is a big concern. With the rain road crews cannot pre-treat the roads. Anything wet will freeze up quickly as the temperatures plummet.

A burst of snow will add to the travel issues this evening. Amounts won’t be significant but certainly enough to make travel hazardous. If you must go out, do it early today. The rain will be easier to navigate than the snow and icy roads.

Arctic air

An Arctic airmass rushes in and will linger through Christmas weekend. Temperatures will tumble into the single digits and lower teens overnight. The wind will remain elevated. Bitter wind chills will develop overnight. Feels like temperatures will drop below zero area-wide, and could be as low as 25 degrees below. A Wind Chill Advisory will be in place through noontime on Christmas Eve.

The pattern does calm down looking ahead to Christmas, but it will remain very cold and windy. In fact temperatures won’t climb above freezing again until Wednesday afternoon. We will continue trending milder through the end of the year.