Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth:

What a beautiful day today with lots of sunshine, after a chilly start we warmed up into the upper 50s and low 60s, which is several degrees above average for the end of October. The milder than average temperatures continue for the rest of the weekend, and the rest of October for that matter, with a big area of high pressure “shielding” us from any weather.

Expect a chilly start for Sunday, many will once again be in the 20s to low 30s. However, similar to today we will quickly warm up with sunshine and that will allow temperatures to get into the low to mid 60s for many, some may make it into the upper 60s!

There is a storm system in the deep south that looks to get reabsorbed into the general flow in the jet stream level. This will likely take place late Sunday into the day on Monday, we are going to keep a close eye on this as it could bring a shower threat into the area by Halloween evening. However, most guidance keeps it west and has it dry up before it gets here, so currently we are only expecting a general increase in clouds.

Futurecast shows this nicely for Monday evening. More clouds moving into the area, but remaining dry. Despite more clouds through the afternoon, temperatures should still manage to make it into the upper 50s and low 60s for most.

We likely keep the cloud cover for Tuesday, can’t rule out a shower through the afternoon, but as that system passes to our north and west it will help pull in some warmer air. Temperatures on Tuesday will likely once again make it into the mid to even upper 60s.

We stay relatively quiet through the rest of next week with highs for Wednesday and Thursday back into the mid 60s with more sunshine. Sunshine continues for Friday and Saturday when temperatures could make a run towards the upper 60s and near 70 once again. This pattern looks to continue for a bit, so if you are looking for cooler air and maybe some snow, unfortunately will have to wait a few weeks for that chance to increase. Have a great night! -Rob