The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Jill Szwed.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Happy Friday! October weather has finally showed up just as we enter the final weekend of the month. There is a definite chill in the air this morning under clear skies. “Normal” highs are expected for the afternoon. As the sun goes down temperatures will quickly drop. This will be the coldest night of the season for many.

Dominant high pressure will keep the sunshine and mild feeling going straight through the weekend. Don’t let the cold starts slow you down. We are expecting a speedy warm up into the lower 60s for Saturday and Sunday.

The Halloween weekend forecast will feature more treats than tricks. We’ve been watching shower chances for Monday. Right now it looks like the rain will hold off until late-day, possibly until after trick-or-treat. Temperatures won’t be too shabby either.

Our mild to warm trend will hang on into early November. Parts of the Great Lakes and Northeast, including the News10 area, have a high favorability for above-average temperatures.

Just how warm could it be? We have highs in the low to mid 60s through the end of next week. Lows will be quite “warm” too. Sunshine and dry conditions are just the cherry on top.