The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Matt Mackie:

Even though temperatures are in the 20’s this morning, precipitation is falling as rain. That’s because a layer of above-freezing air is firmly in place higher up off the ground. Everything melts as it falls, and doesn’t refreeze until hitting the cold, cold ground.

We’ll continue to see the freezing rain through the early or mid afternoon. By the time it’s all said and done, the Capital District may well wind up with one to two tenths of an inch of ice. That would spell very slippery conditions for untreated roadways, so avoid travel unless necessary! Even more ice is possible for a few in the Green Mountains, Berkshires, Mohawk Valley, and foothills of the southern Adirondacks.

Meanwhile, higher spots in the Adirondacks will be cold enough to support more snow than freezing rain throughout the course of the day. They could wind up with 1 to 3 inches of fresh snow. Then overnight, an intense band of lake effect snow will develop just west of our area, unleashing over a foot of fresh snow between Lake Ontario and the Utica area.

A few lingering snow showers and squalls could continue through Monday. Later in the day, be aware of snow squalls that could develop, quickly coating the roads and reducing visibility in some areas – more likely west of Albany. Then a period of truly cold weather settles in. Lows will be around zero on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Afternoon highs won’t be able to break out of the single digits on Tuesday afternoon! Time to bundle up.