Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth:

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Cold and sunny day today with temperatures in the 20s for most. Tonight, as winds turn more southerly temperatures will rise towards morning and will likely be in the low to mid-20s by daybreak. This as a storm system moves in will allow for sleet and freezing rain to develop between 4 a.m.-7 a.m. from southwest to northeast.

With temperatures in the 20s at the surface, you would expect snow, however, a warm layer of air above us will be sufficient enough to melt any snow that tries to fall before reaching the ground. Initially, I believe the freezing layer near the ground will be deep enough to refreeze that rain into sleet, however, it won’t take long until we are all seeing freezing rain Sunday morning.

As we progress through the afternoon, temperatures at the surface will begin to rise above freezing for many, especially south and west of the Capital Region into portions of the western Mohawk Valley and even into the Schoharie Valley.

This will slowly taper off into the mid-afternoon and early evening with perhaps some leftover drizzle. With temperatures rising above freezing by this time this should limit the amount of freezing rain accumulations after about 3 p.m. However, some locations will be seeing more than just a light glaze of ice, with the southern Adirondacks likely close to a quarter to 1/3″ of ice, the same thing for the higher terrain of Bennington and northern Berkshire counties. When you look at the map below, those are the areas I think futurecast may be under-showing the amount of ice to expect.

This precip may end as a burst of snow as a cold front moves through Sunday evening, this will shift the winds and allow the temperatures to fall pretty quickly as we approach midnight Sunday night.

Winds will turn gusty for Monday and if they align just right, we could be dealing with a band of Lake Effect snow off of Lake Ontario, this band, if everything comes together just right could stretch close to 150 miles off the east end of Lake Ontario, we will be watching, as areas in the Western Adirondacks and even portions of the Mohawk Valley could pick up several inches through the day on Monday.

Temperatures fall close to zero Monday night and hardly rebound for Tuesday with many holding in the single digits. We do get a break from the brutal cold on Wednesday with temperatures climbing back into the mid-20s. Have a great Sunday and stay safe! -Rob