The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Matt Mackie:

Bundle up! Cold like this can be dangerous if you don’t dress for it. This morning, wind chills ranged from 20 to 40 degrees below zero! This afternoon, as actual air temperatures rise to a high of around 10 degrees, the wind will die down a bit. Still, the little bit of a breeze that remains will keep those “feels like” temps around zero.

The cold air is surging in around a high pressure system up north in Canada. Sunday will still be chilly, but with less wind and highs around 20. Meanwhile, a low over the Mississippi River valley is getting ready to bring wintry weather to us just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Snow will start up in the late night hours of Sunday, and continue through early Monday morning. As the sun come sup, some warm air sneaking in from the south could cause a transition to wintry mix or even plain ol’ rain for valley location – that would cut down on overall totals for the lower elevations.

Then, as the system begins to move out in the afternoon, temps will fall off again and many will see another burst of snow at the end of it all. At this point we’re thinking a few inches to half a foot for much of the Capital District. Expect higher totals in the Catskills, Berkshires, Greens, and Adirondacks, and lower totals in the Mid-Hudson valley.

Given that this will be a complex system with a lot of moving parts – and that we are still two days away from the onset! – we do expect to make adjustments to the map above. Check in throughout the course of the weekend for updates as we get more data coming into the weather center.

Behind that system, expect a frigid and breezy day on Tuesday. Wednesday will bring another round of snow showers, then more cold to close out the work week. Stay warm!