Latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo & Tim Drawbridge

As of 5pm Monday…. not good for Florida…. even if they do not take a direct hit with a landfall…. Ian is now a Cat. 2 storm…. expected to strengthen into a Cat. 4 storm…. with a VERY SLOW track up along the West Coast of Florida on Wednesday…. SIGNIFICANT storm surge issues and tornado / waterspout issues….

The Futurecast shows the upper-level feature still just to our north & west for Tuesday…. scattered showers – especially north & west….

forecast high temps will range from the mid & upper 50s to the lower 70s south of Albany….

the upper-level system is over us on Wednesday…. mostly cloudy…. we all run the risk of a shower…. high temps will range from the low & mid 50s to the mid & upper 60s….