The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Jill Szwed.

Happy Monday! It’s funny how we get excited about even the slightest chance for rain this summer. The start of the new week will bring rounds of scattered showers. While these chances won’t bust the drought, we’ll take whatever we can get.

This morning’s showers are having a hard time hanging together because the air is relatively “dry.” Only a few sprinkles and very light showers are making it to the ground. Our shower chances will ramp up into the afternoon. It will be a good idea to pack the rain gear.

Additional waves of scattered showers will pass through the News10 area into Tuesday. Tomorrow afternoon could even feature a few rumbles of thunder. The system will pull away by Wednesday.

The two-day rainfall won’t be enough to quench drought, but it could perk things up a bit. A lucky few could pick up close to an inch of rain. On the flip side, others may only receive a few tenths of an inch.

The second part of the week will be drier and a little toasty. Temperatures will start heating back up on Wednesday. Humidity levels will start creeping up too.

The nice, but warm, summer weather to hang on through the weekend. We really have lucked out in that department this summer.