Latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo, Tim Drawbridge, and Rob Lindenmuth

Confirmed Waterspout (A Funnel cloud touching down on the Hudson River Briefly)We had significant rotation on the radar at that times as the storm passed just south of Kingston.

Feast or Famine again for Rainfall….Once again….North and South go heavy rains….and not much in between……Here’s the breakdown.

The Futurecast shows partly sunny skies for Tuesday…. it’ll be hot & humid…. there is the risk of a shower….

forecast high temperatures will be mainly in the 80s & lower 90s….

We’ve had nine (9) 90° or higher days thus far this year…. 4 happened last year in late June of 2021 – when we had our only heat wave…. which is three (3) consecutive days of 90° or higher…. our last four (4) day heat wave was in late June of 2020…. we’re looking at a four (4) day wave this week….