The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Jill Szwed.

Happy Thursday! This is the worst air quality so far – unhealthy to very unhealthy air right now. Most remain under an air quality alert today. Limit your time outdoors, especially if you have underlying health concerns. Exercise indoors, run the AC, and hit in the re-circulate button when you’re in the car.

There is some good news. Today’s smoky layer won’t be as thick as yesterday, but it will still be with us through the day. A shift in the wind sends the plume of smoke south of us.

Why the change in the air? A low that has been stuck over eastern Canada is now “retrograding.” As the low wobbles west, winds will shift and more showers will pop up. Spotty showers along with isolated storms will be around this afternoon. A storm or two could spit out some small hail. The unsettled weather will fizzle overnight.

We won’t stay dry for long. More showers and storms develop Friday afternoon. A few more storms will carry a small hail threat. The smoke will continue pushing south. The thickest will stretch from the Ohio Valley to Washington D.C.

Improvements continue over the weekend. Showers will dry up, temperatures will warm, and it will be easier to breath. The next system is slowing down, so we’ll hold off rain until late Monday. Showers will continue through the middle of next week.