Latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo, Tim Drawbridge, and Rob Lindenmuth

As of 10pm…The latest number of homes still without power….it’s improved tremendously in the past 24 hours. Thank you to everyone working so shard to get the power back on.

Just an FYI…. as its already “FTP’ng” here – (…. the Allergy Forecast shows how the pollen is about to “go thru the roof”….

High pressure moves away early Thursday…. as clouds increase from the west…. and a shower / light rain pattern evolves during the afternoon….

forecast high temperatures will be mainly in the 50s and close to 60°….

Should be a FANTASTIC Spring / April day Friday…. LOTS of sunshine…. forecast high temperatures will be in the 50s and close to 60° for many of us…. but we’ll see the lower 60s from Albany points south….

7 and 10 Day Forecast. Finally a decent stretch of weather into the weekend. Milder temps for sure. Few Showers Thursday afternoon/evening…then next Tuesday before the Cooler Weather Pattern returns for awhile.

We end with this beautiful picture of a Bald Eagle looking over Buskirk….Thanks to Jack Newton !