The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo.

BE CAREFUL…..Anytime you get windy and dry weather (doesn’t even need to be this warm)-there is an elevated risk of brush and grass fires. We’ve seen several ones today. Tomorrow the risk for fires will be elevated again.

The Warmest Day for many since last fall…..and tomorrow will be warmer !

Albany 78-the warmest since last September.

Another Dangerous day for Brush and grass fires.

Be Careful Thursday

Breezy/Warm/Very Dry Air.

Winds gusting 20-25mph

Last Night the Low Temp for Albany 56°

This is a Record High Minimum Temp for the date-Normal Low is 36

Allergy Report….

Dry-Warm-Windy Weather

Tree Pollen is going through the roof.

Latest Surface Maps.

Large Ridge of High Pressure Builds off the East Coast….and even Warmer Weather heads into NY and New England the next 2 days.

The Moisture in the Gulf of Mexico slides slowly northward-arrives Sat. Evening into Sunday.

TONIGHT: P.Cloudy/Very Mild

THURSDAY: Partly Sunny/Warmer-still a bit of a breeze-Likely elevated risk for fires.

High Temps Thursday & Friday will feel like summer !

7 and 10-Day Forecast……

Three more warm Days !

Then the cooling trend begins. In fact next week we will likely go back to the 50s !