The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth

Bit breezy out there this afternoon with temperatures in the 40s and 50s with winds gusting 25-35 mph. The sunshine will stick with us through the afternoon with clouds increasing into the evening hours ahead of some rain.

High pressure to the east and a cold front to the west is funneling in the warmer but breezy conditions this afternoon. A cold front will be bringing showers overnight tonight along with less wind into Tuesday.

A cold front sinks southward of the Adirondacks this evening. Showers will quickly become widespread around sunset. Areas north of I-90 will remain wet for most of the night. The front will pump the breaks is it approaches the Capital District. This will keep the showers around through the first part of Tuesday.

Daily doses of April showers are in the forecast. The next round begins Wednesday afternoon. The pattern starts drying out on Friday. We are expecting between half an inch and one inch of rain. Higher totals are expected for parts of the Adirondacks and western New England, lower south of Albany.

The unsettled pattern also brings warmer temperatures. Highs will stay put in the 60s through Thursday. We’ll briefly cool down into the weekend. Easter Sunday looks to be a real delight with sunshine and warmer temperatures.