The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo.

Check out the variability of the Snowfall just in Albany County…from 5″ to 36″

There are still some power outages….but improving for sure.

Yesterday Morning we had 120,000+ homes without power in Upstate NY and Western New England-we are down to about 6,000 homes at 10:14pm

Here is the amazing Satellite Loop of this Monster Storm.

If you look closely-you can see the bands rotating around the backside of this storm and a very tight center of circulation east of New England.

Pretty Cool-esp since it is out of here except for the winds.


Close up of the variability of the snow in

Albany County-it was exactly the same in Schenectady County….

Low areas 6-12″

Higher spots 2-3ft of snow !

and then then drifting today-just terrible. Had to plow yet again today. The driveway filled in.

More Snow Totals

So many places with 2-3ft+

All the Higher spots west….Adirondacks….and of course New England.

Check out the Berkshires and Southern Vermont

(Remember-within individual towns-snowfall will vary based on elevation)

Snowfall Totals

We need to remember-that even within one town-snowfall amounts can vary by as much as 5-10 inches based on elevation changes of only 500 feet….saw it in my town for sure.

After yesterday’s Snow we made up a lot of ground.

We are now pretty close to snowfall for this part of the season this year after a very slow start.

Obviously-All the higher elevations are now WAY Above normal for the year.

Mild winters many times mean snowy winter of snowy and icy winter-this year a perfect example.

I love these two pictures.

They had 28″ of snow in Thurman (Elev 2,000ft)-Warren County-but don’t forget they had a lot of snow on the ground before the storm hit.

Well guess what? Cindy Rogerio found the front door !

Now that’s a lot of work.

VERY windy today.
Some of the wind Gusts Reported….many places over 40mph.
Terrible drifting snow in the higher elevation where most of the snow fell.

Cold winters can sometimes be very dry winters.

TONIGHT: Windy this Evening….Few clouds later tonight…Cold.

THURSDAY: Some AM Sun-then increasing clouds….less wind…some gradual melting.

7 and 10 Day Forecast….Well we need it for sure. A stretch of fairly quiet weather with near normal temperatures. It does look like some showers for St. Patrick’s Day…..and a quick shot of colder air for Sunday. Monday-Guess What ? Spring arrives on the calendar !