The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo.

Get Ready Folks-The Coldest weather of the season is only two days away….arrives by Friday Morning. This will be the coldest weather in a few years-and getting into that danger zone for low wind chills.

Be sure to protect yourself and your pets.

The Calm Before the Arctic Blast.

Don’t forget when it hits-Please check on your neighbors-esp the elderly to be sure they are OK-And protect your pets-They need to be indoors.

Keep this Wind Chill Chart Handy.

The Arctic Air right now is sitting over Hudson Bay-it really starts to move later tomorrow.

Slightly good news-not a lot-The CORE of the coldest air will be over us Friday through Saturday night-it’s a bit more north-

What does that mean?-Temps 3-5 degrees warmer than if it was directly over us.


In effect Late Thursday night into Saturday afternoon

Wind Chills dropping to 25 to 40 Below.

This is dangerous for both people and pets.

(Not sure why this does not include Columbia and Berkshire Counties)

January is almost over-

We had it so easy….

Every day during January-the High Temp reached 30 or better-This is the first time on Record.

and only two days we had high temps below normal for the day.

Just a Bit of Snow late yesterday afternoon/Last night.

Most place 1/2″ to 2″ of snow.

TONIGHT: P.Cloudy and a cold night

WEDNESDAY: Partly Sunny/Chilly with light winds.

The COLD……

Expect Temps on Friday daybreak to be 10-15 with wind….and then drop into the single digits for the afternoon-below zero for the Adirondacks.

By Saturday Morning-Near 10 Below in the Capital Region…..15 Below outlying areas.

as low as 25 Below in the Adirondacks.

Wind Chills will be near 30-35 Below locally

45-50 Below in the Adirondacks later Friday night and early Saturday Morning.

The 7 and 10 Day Forecast.

Once we get by this 48 Hour Blast of FRIGID Weather-another shot of temperatures going above normal.

If you are looking for a snowstorm-I just don’t see it in the cards yet.