The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo.

Get ready for a Wild ride with the weather over the next 7 days. We knew the weather pattern was going to change and here it is with the first storm arriving on tomorrow….with two more on the way. All three look significant for snow/mix precipitation.

OK-Here we go.

All Systems GO for a messy Mix Thursday-ending as snow on Friday

Light to moderate accumulations.

As you go north-More Snow-as you go south-More of a mix and rain.

Winter Weather Advisories in effect-and the timeline on the storm.

Travel Impacts.

BEST time to travel tomorrow will be before 11am in the Capital Region.

There will be some tough going for sure for the evening commute with snow-sleet and rain-A few pockets of freezing rain as well.

Prepare for extra time

Surface Maps.

Breezy and mild weather today-but slightly colder air works in tonight.

Storm over Kansas quickly heading NE’ward. The precip will arrive 11am-1pm Thursday as snow and sleet.

This storm will split-redevelop off the coast and snow will fall off and on well into Friday.


Storm moves out of the Mid-West towards Western PA….a band of snow/sleet/rain moves in by late morning/Mid-Day.

There will be a transition to rain/freezing rain into the Capital Region southward.

A lull in the action for a time Thursday night-then a burst of light to moderate snow on Friday, tapering off by evening.

TONIGHT: Becoming Partly cloudy…..NOT Cold
THURSDAY-A Mess-Snow/Sleet dev around Mid Day…..mixing/changing to rain Albany south-more of a mix north.
The roads will get messy for the evening commute.


Remember this is a 2 Part Storm-with some melting and settling in between.

Part 1-The first round tomorrow will be snow/sleet-then some rain south-mix/snow north.

Part 2-By Friday-Most areas will get periods of light to moderate snow.

So the totals are the two parts of the storm combined.

7 and 10 Day forecast.

Get Ready for quite a ride in the weather

3 Storms-First one Thursday-Snow to mix/rain-then back to Snow

Another one later Sunday-Snow-then mix-then back to snow….and the 3rd one Wednesday into Thursday-this looks mostly snow.