ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The dark comedy, “Triangle of Sadness,” is nominated for three Oscars including best original screenplay, best director, and best picture. Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund creates a satirical look into our current society touching on the topics of capitalism, patriarchy, class system, and gender roles. Regardless of the truth depicted in this film, it just wasn’t very good.

The film is broken up into three parts, Carl and Yaya, The Yacht, and The Island. Our most notable actor, Woody Harrelson appears in Part 2 as the Captain of a yacht taking rich, white people on a luxury cruise. Östlund includes Carl (Harris Dickinson) and Yaya (Charlbi Dean Kriek) as models and influencers speaking on the current culture of accessible wealth through social media.

Along this cruise, a class system that mirrors our society is displayed. The guests are always right and there to be waited on, honing in on the power they feel they have. The staff or middle-tiered workers come next dealing firsthand with the guests to entertain and serve. Lastly are the maids, cleaners, and engineer room workers who fall on the bottom, rarely seen by guests and holding up the ship despite their lack of appreciation.

I can say after part 2, The Yacht, I was hoping the movie was over. I paused to see that I still had an hour left which seemed unnecessary. I did feel there needed to be a solidified closure but not one that took a whole hour.

What happens in Part 3, The Island, depicts the patriarchy, manipulation, and addiction to power. Wealthy and dominant members of society are no longer useful when they can’t fish, build a fire or survive on an island. A member of the yacht crew that was on the bottom tier now holds the top rank on the island with her survival skills.

Östlund speaks on topics we know well and there’s no secret as to what this film is trying to tell us about our society. He definitely creates a relatable factor I can speak on as someone who worked in the service industry. Although some parts of the movie were entertaining, I felt it dragged on forcing the audience to experience things we know about all too well. 

I don’t expect “Triangle of Sadness,” to win any of its three nominations. The acting wasn’t outstanding or impressionable matching its story. I do appreciate the recognition of the film because of the relevant topics displayed in a not-so-typical manner. “Triangle of Sadness,” does make you think a bit about the world we live in but unless you’ve lived underground your entire life, everything that happened in this film is nothing new.

House Rating: 2/5

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