ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Students from the Blessed Sacrament School in Albany shared some extra love with local Veterans in the Community Hospice program.

A card with a simple message can mean a lot—whether it’s “have a great day” or “thank you for your service.” That’s why students from Kindergarten through eighth grade at the Blessed Sacrament School used construction paper and markers to create one-a-kind Valentine’s Day cards for Vets in their community.

On top of participating in this act of kindness, Ms. Katie O’Connor said this project gave her the chance to teach her kids about something more than math or science. 

“They learn about the different branches in the military, and now here’s an opportunity for us to really connect those dots for them. The people you are learning about in your textbook are the people around you,” O’Connor said. “They are a part of your community and you are around them all the time. We owe them such a debt of gratitude.”

The students made 100 of these handmade cards. Community Hospice said on their Facebook page that their hearts are warm from all the valentines they received, and the messages are sure to bring a lot of big smiles.