ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Clifton Park accountant has created a ghoulish persona called the “Adirondack Ghost” to scare hikers into safe and eco-friendly practices.

The social media “ghost challenge” has over 50 billion videos on TikTok from across the country. The trend features a person donning a bedsheet with sunglass in a variety of locales—from Disney World to stairwells. This week, Taylor Swift released her much-anticipated music video for her song “Anti-Hero” which included the same ghostly costume style.

Joey Sendzik is a Clifton Park accountant who enjoys everything about the Adirondack Mountains. While climbing the High Peaks, he decided to wear a different kind of outfit for hiking. 

“I love spooky season,” Sendzik said “So, this October rolled around, and I was like I have to look like a ghost on every mountain I can. Since then, everyone has been super stoked about it and thought it was hilarious.”

From Mount Colden to Buck Mountain, Sendzik shared photos of his adventures on social media with an educational twist. Each post comes with a warning that if hikers don’t stay safe and considerate on trails, the ghost will continue to haunt them. He said it’s a fun way to remind local hikers to practice LNT or Leave No Trace principles.

“Leave no trace means when you go in the outdoors, whatever you pack in, you pack out,” Sendzik said. “So, don’t leave any food scraps behind, don’t leave any trash behind or wrappers. Just try and limit your impact on nature as much as you can while enjoying it.”