LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Father Bob Sandoz and Father Greg Gebbia are first-time gardeners, but their zeal for sustainability has transformed their fledgling garden into a vegetable wonderland. 

Siena College is home to 18 Franciscan friars with a commitment to service, prayer, and creation.

Father Sandoz and Father Gebbia started their garden makeover last October, carefully planting their seeds in May.

“I love it. I can’t believe it,” Fr. Gebbia said. “These were actually started from packets of seed we had mailed to us, and then we did them in solo cups, red solo cups, and they just flourished.” 

Their garden boasts 23 varieties of vegetables, everything from zucchinis and eggplants to tomatoes and cabbages.

“On the first level is to simply provide some sustenance for the friars in the community. There are 18 of us. So, this helps,” Fr. Sandoz. “On a larger picture, we’re concerned about the sustainability of our planet.”

The two friars created a specialty irrigation system for their creation. Fr. Gebbia said they attended “Youtube University” to learn their newfound gardening expertise.

Their next goal is to add composting to their skillset and inspire some Siena College students to join their mission.

“This is a small effort, right? Given the size and the scope of our world,” Fr. Sandoz said. “But if all of us do this, and if more people join in on this kind of thing, it could be remarkable.”