PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A song about Stewart’s chocolate milk, whipped up by a Plattsburgh hip-hop duo, has gone viral on Facebook. The artists set out to share a deeper message of community support with their quirky tune.

With a hook that’s hard to forget, Antwon Levee and Dust’s “Chocolate Milk” rap has been seen by over 120,000 people on Facebook. “You get turned to mulch if you’re messing with my gulps,” is just one of the witty one-liners.

The brains behind the new drink anthem are Dust, the emcee on the mic, and Antwon Levee, the producer who creates the beats.

“I think rap gets a bad rap,” Dust said. “It’s nice that people look at it as a wholesome thing because that’s a theme in a lot of our stuff.”.

Levee and Dust said their style encapsulates everything from “experimental hip hop” to “futuristic chemical boom bap.” 

They’re both members of an artist collective called the Then Joint Commission that features local hip-hop artists and highlights young talent. The group puts on frequent “Show and Prove” showcases at Old Soul in Downtown Plattsburgh.

A recent showcase performer is 11-year-old Bryson. He’s featured in the “Chocolate Milk” music video, seen dancing with Dust and showing off his acting skills in a passionate scene about spilled milk.

“Community is a big thing for us, it’s all we have at the end of the day,” Levee said. “It’s very easy for rappers to get into a mindset of trying to live a life they’re not really about. You can spot it from a mile away”

Dust and Levee said their music speaks to authenticity and being “real.” Their lyrics often mirror everyday life in Plattsburgh or local industries they support.

“The Stewart’s thing, it’s funny. I get it, it’s cute,” Levee said. “But Stewart’s gets all their milk from local dairies. it comes to the store within the first 48 hours. That kind of, getting your food from the places that are around you, is an important concept to me.”

News10 reached out to Stewart’s Shops for comment on the viral video.

“We are thrilled to watch the wholesome and creative video,” a Stewart’s Shops representative said. “It is great to see such enthusiasm and creativity from our community. Our customer’s passion for our products is what keeps us inspired and motivated to provide not only the Best Milk in New York State but also many other fresh and local award-winning products.” 

Antwon Levee and Dust plan to release a country remix of “Chocolate Milk” with the band Austin and the In-Laws in the coming weeks.

The Joint Commission‘s next “Show and Prove” showcase is on Saturday, November 4 at Old Soul in Plattsburgh from 8 to 10 p.m. The free event is open to the public, all ages are welcome.