LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Two New York friends celebrated 10 years of serving local seniors through their unique passion turned business—Daughter for Hire. “Knowing we’re making a difference, I guess, makes all the difference in the world to us on a daily basis,” said founder Kathleen Rutishauser.

In 2012, Rutishauser left her banking and finance job. She took to helping others in her life and discovered her next career venture along the way. “I was taking friends, neighbors, family members to their medical appointments,” she said. “When they were sick, I brought them chicken soup, I would visit with them. And I realized that was something I really enjoyed doing.”

Soon after, Rutishauser teamed up with Denise Flihan as her partner. The business quickly blossomed. Customers responded to their mission of assisting seniors with “staying in place” and thriving in their own homes.

Daughter for Hire provides non-medical companion care with heart at the forefront. From running errands to taking a walk, the team of 70 caregivers helps with everyday activities and provides some much-needed friendship. On December 7, the company celebrated a decade of serving thousands of seniors from their Mohawk Valley and Latham locations.

For Flihan, the word “daughter” says it all. “As our families age, it’s typically the daughters that have to step up,” Flihan said. “We are their friend, we are their advocate, we are their support. We are what makes them comfortable during a period of time when they can’t have their own family there.”

The co-owners told News10’s Stephanie Rivas the criteria for hiring one of their caregivers or “daughters” is strict. They always ask themselves the question, “would they let this person care for their own mother or father?”