(NEWS10) – To celebrate National Coffee Day, News10 went on buzz patrol, searching for the perfect blend of environment, community feel, and, of course, coffee. We hit the Capital café circuit to find the best, local coffee shops in your area.  

Albany County 

Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary 

First stop on our java journey is Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary. Along with the coffee classics, Professor Java’s offers a variety of specialty lattes, like the Caramel Turtle (almond roca, caramel & chocolate) and the Cappawappacino (caramel, cinnamon, hazelnut & vanilla). 

The multi-purpose space is perfect for meeting friends, working or relaxing. Professor Java’s also offers meeting rooms and hosts special events, including art shows and live entertainment.  

Columbia County 

Bartlett House 

Housed in a once flourishing railroad hotel in the 1800’s, the bustling walls of Bartlett House were revived in 2016. Owners call it a “home away from home,” and the best spot to catch up on reading, or spend time with neighbors. 

Bartlett House’s coffee is sourced from the San Francisco company Sightglass, which specializes in sustainable harvests. Café items include the Blueberry Latte, Maple Cortado and the Owl Howl Espresso. 

Greene County 

HiLo Catskill 

The colorful coffee shop in the Catskills also doubles as an art gallery. The café offers specialty coffee, like its Lavender and Maple Lattes, along with pastries, and cocktails in the evening. 

A new exhibit is opening at the café in October called “Time Out of Joint,” which focuses on “looking closer at one’s environment.” The exhibit opens October 8, and all three photographers have connections to the Hudson Valley and Catskill.  

Fulton County 

Second Wind Coffee 

Caramel Apple Macchiato and French Toast Muffin. Nitro Cold Brew with Toasted Almond Mocha Cold Foam. Chocolate on Chocolate Brownie Latte. These are just a few of the items caffeine addicts can find at Second Wind Coffee. 

Along with cozying up with a coffee, Second Wind also has its own mascot – a golden doodle named Winston. It’s also the home of Motorcycles on Main Street – the local motorcycle show in Johnstown. 

Montgomery County 

Highwheeler Coffee 

Highwheeler Coffee takes finding the perfect blend to heart in every step of the process, from farmer to barista. Its goal is to create a community that appreciates handcrafted coffee. 

Specialty items include its Chemex coffee (a manual, pour over style with a glass coffee maker) and its Kyoto Cold Brew (coffee made by having cold water drip slowly over coffee grounds). 

Saratoga County 


Bold. And that doesn’t just describe Palette’s coffee (like its espresso drinks, a variety of lattes and Palette’s version of the frappe –the FroCo). No, bold also describes Palette’s female-focused initiative, which creates a community that invests in women.  

According to Founder Catherine Hover, “We want to make sure that when women come here they feel supported, comfortable and the most confident versions of themselves.” 

Atop the café is a co-working and community space, that its about 250 members can use. Hover says there’s a depth to the community that you don’t get at generic coffee shops. Palette has locations in both Saratoga and Schenectady counties.  

Schenectady County 

Graham’s Coffee Parlor 

When you step into Graham’s, you might mistake the coffee shop for an ’80’s hair salon. But you’re in the right place for a cappuccino or latte. Owner Katryn Malen’s wanted to create a space that was uplifting and light. 

“This was my family’s building, they bought it in the ’70’s. When I was looking to create a space, I looked at different options for renting and it was the only spot that seemed right.” 

Along with the family connection to the building, each person featured in the artwork throughout Graham’s is someone who has touched Malen’s life.  

The biggest coffee sellers at Graham’s are the flavored lattes. Malen’s personal favorite is the Ginger Bee Latte (fresh ginger juice, local honey, espresso and milk, served iced or hot). The fan favorite at Graham’s is the Pistachio Cold Brew, which is also available as a latte.  

Storied Coffee 

Owners at Storied Coffee believe every cup tells a story.  

“Every time you get a cup of coffee, every time you meet someone for coffee, you’re telling a story with that drink. Every cup has an experience that comes with it,” Owner Rich Sarnacki said. 

The shop has two main focuses — keeping its sourcing local, and providing a unique experience, with guest interaction at the forefront. 

And community was a big part of Storied Coffee’s own story – receiving a big boost thanks to a kickstarter. Now, the shop has expanded and has two locations, one in Scotia and another on Schenectady. To read more about Storied Coffee’s background and its local partnerships, click here.  

Schoharie County 

The Apple Barrel Cafe  

Voted best restaurant in Schoharie County more than nine times, The Apple Barrel Cafe combines your traditional caffeinated drinks with some not-so-traditional lattes, like its Very Berry Truffle Mocha Latte and White Chocolate Raspberry Latte. 

Best-seller food items include the Gobbler Valley turkey sandwich and the Revolutionary Waldorf wrap. The cafe also offers homemade potato chips and a wide variety of desserts, like the Smith’s Orchard Bake Shop Pie, which is made with local, fresh fruit and “a lot of love.” 

Rensselaer County 

Common Crumb 

Customers will feel like they’re going back to school again at Common Crumb. The shop is housed in a historic, one room school house.  

The focus at Common Crumb—sustainability. Not only can you find locally roasted coffee, but also organic ingredients, local flour, farm fresh eggs and dairy, fair trade sugar and chocolate. 

Warren County 

Kelly’s Roots Cafe and Marketplace 

Eat Fresh. Eat Local. That’s the message at Kelly’s Roots Cafe and Marketplace. The cafe promotes this with every item on its menu, and the local products it sells. 

Chef and Operator Kelly Ehlert says she was inspired to open the cafe because she’s passionate about cooking for others, and brings a little West Coast flare to everything she does, after studying at the Culinary Center in Campbell, CA.  

Washington County 

Wicked Wicks 

Located in the heart of Greenwich, Washington County’s Wicked Wicks offers more than just a caffeine fix. In addition to delicious coffee, you can buy anything from “dog biscuits to hair bows.” 

The shop also hosts “Thursday Crepes” from 6 to 9 p.m. every Thursday. A variety of crepes are offered, like the local favorite Teriyaki Steak crepe, with broccoli, or the Crisp à la Mode.