TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Bradley, a dive bar located at 28 Fourth Street in Troy, is closing. Owner Vic Christopher made the announcement in a social media post on July 25.

“It’s always been a fun business for me,” Christopher told NEWS10. “It wasn’t a serious business and serious business people taking over.”

The Bradley will be closing after service on Saturday, July 29. Christopher said the business “has been sold to a familiar new owner with a brand-new concept.”

Christopher is the president of Clark House Hospitality, which owns several restaurants and retail spots in the Troy area including Donna’s Italian, Little Pecks, and Tavern Bar. He’s currently working on several projects in Troy’s Monument Square, including residential development and moving his 22 2nd Street Wine Company into the former Clement Frame Shop & Art Gallery space.

“It was a great six and a half years and a great experience,” said Christopher of The Bradley. “There comes a time in business to step aside.”