SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Devin and Kaytrin Ziemann, the owners of The Nest 518 in Schenectady and The Cuckoo’s Nest in Albany, are planning to open another restaurant in Schenectady. Mila Restaurant & Bar, a Mediterranean-inspired eatery, will be located at 500 State Street in the former Bank of America building.

They were originally supposed to open across the street at 501 State Street on the first floor of the new apartment building by Redburn Development, said Kaytrin Ziemann, but Redburn’s CEO Jeff Buell offered them to move into the old bank instead. This location is just down the street from The Nest 518 at 512 State Street.

“We spent over a year on the last project gearing up to build so this move was actually a very difficult decision to make,” said Ziemann.

Ziemann said the new location’s parking lot has 76 spaces and a basement, which the apartment building did not have. They are hoping to open Mila in the late spring or summer of 2023.

“The entire space will visually be different than we originally planned due to the nature of the existing space but we are excited to bring a ‘big city’ vibe to downtown Schenectady,” said Ziemann.

The menu will have Turkish, Lebanese, Greek, southern Italy, and Spanish influences, said Ziemann. Those are their biggest inspirations, she said, but they will have other Mediterranean influences as well.

Albany’s Crave Burgers & Frozen Yogurt, another restaurant owned by Devin and Kaytrin Ziemann, closed its doors in April. They plan to reopen Crave in a new space, but are on the waitlist for their dream location, said Ziemann.

“Due to the Mila change, we are not in a huge rush to reopen Crave, so being on the waitlist works for us currently,” said Ziemann. “Our brains can only handle so many moving parts at once and to do things the right way we won’t sacrifice by cutting corners at Mila or the reopening of Crave.”