KNOX, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Joe’s Township Tavern, located at 1412 Township Road in Knox, is permanently closing. The announcement was made in a Facebook post on September 18.

“We are sad to announce that as of September 30, the tavern will be permanently closing,” read the post. “With Nadia’s health concerns, it is too much stress to keep the tavern open.”

The tavern is owned by Joe Conklin and Nadia Raza. Raza used to own the Pakistani restaurant Curry Patta in Altamont before it closed to relocate in November 2022.

“We are hoping to open Curry Patta in the future at some point and Nadia is actively searching for a location,” said the post.

Joe’s Township Tavern opened for business in December 2022. For the last few nights, the restaurant will be serving Pakistani cuisine.