KNOX, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Joe’s Township Tavern officially opened at 1412 Township Road in Knox on Friday. The tavern is currently only open for take-out.

Owner Joe Conklin said the tavern is waiting on specific permits, including its liquor license, to be able to open for dine-in. Conklin is an Army veteran and will be offering 10% off to all veterans on special holidays.

“Being a local, Joe understands the needs of the local community and wants to provide great lunch and dinner meals at an affordable price,” said the Joe’s Township Tavern Facebook page.

The take-out menu includes chili, salads, wings, quesadillas, wraps, burgers, mac and cheese, and pizza. Conklin plans to have drink specials and family style take out meals as well.

You can place a take-out order by calling (518) 872-7200. You can also view the take-out menu and stay up to date on when the tavern opens for dine-in on the Joe’s Township Tavern Facebook page.