CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For the last few years, rainy days kept Rainbow Delights away. But this year, Lynn Warn said she’s hoping for a longer season.

“The last few, it’s all been… it’s been late because it’s been cold and rainy,” explained Warn, the owner, and operator of Rainbow Delights. “Once we saw the weather, we said, ‘got to pull the plug, got to go.'”

The Clifton Park staple opened on Thursday, to the delight of customers young and old. “We love coming here, Jonah and I,” said Erin Haegele, the shop’s first customer of the 2023 season. “It’s his favorite place. The weather, it’s so nice. So, yup, it’s a great day for ice cream!”

Some regulars were surprised to be back so soon. “I think they usually open in May or something,” said Karah Reinemann, of Troy. “We were driving by here, and we were like, ‘when are they going to open?’ I was like, ‘probably after Easter.’ But I was excited to see that they opened up today.”

As for Warn, she’s looking ahead to a busy summer, doing what she loves. “The best thing in the world is to hand out a cone with some sprinkles on it, and maybe a cherry on top, and their eyeballs are, like, big as quarters and half-dollars, and it’s just a blast,” she exclaimed.

Warn also wanted to note that she will be changing her operating hours on bad weather days this year. Visit the Rainbow Delights Facebook page, or call (518) 371-4033, to confirm before visiting.