CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Bog, located at 52 East Main Street in Cambridge, has closed as of October 17. Owner Mark Harwood made the announcement in a Facebook post that morning.

“After much thought and painful deliberation, I am closing The Bog,” said Harwood in the Facebook post. “My goal was to keep the Bog open for the community of Cambridge and the many patrons from far and wide. I’m grateful for all of you, and have enjoyed meeting all of you, and being a part of such a great community.”

In the 3.5 years he’s owned The Bog, Harwood said he realized the restaurant needs an owner there several hours a day. He couldn’t give The Bog the attention it needed while working at his construction company.

“My hope is that there is an experienced person with an entrepreneurial spirit, who will want to take on the great opportunity of making The Bog even better than it has been,” said Harwood. “With any luck, we can find such a person quickly, so the community doesn’t have to go long without The Bog.”

Harwood said the business is for sale with the option to buy the building. If you’re interested, you can send him a Facebook message.