SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Saratoga Springs, you have quite a few choices. These are the best restaurants in the city, according to Yelp.

10. The District

You can view the menu on The District website.

• Rated 5 out of 5 (8 reviews)

• Address: 43 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “Great experience, went there for a birthday for my friend and it was great. Staff was great all around, food was great, prices were appropriate. John went above and beyond for us and I really appreciate it. I would definitely recommend stopping by!!” — Haylee L.

9. Seneca

You can view the menu on the Seneca website.

• Rated 4.5 out of 5 (163 reviews)

• Address: 17 Division Street, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “Was lucky enough to score a reservation after the Traver’s at Saratoga, and was skeptical of the outdoor seating reservation but now will only request seating on their outdoor patio. The evening cools down perfectly, the service is awesome. We had too many starters as they all looked great: the lobster roll sliders, the wood fired oysters, and more I can’t even remember. The steaks are world class, perfectly done, and the best in every way. Again, all the desserts looked too good to pass up, so we ended up with the flan, the bread pudding, and the chocolate cake. Of course, the bar made my all time go to Makers with an orange twist perfectly, had to try their special Old Fashioned, and the Reisling wine paired for us by the chef was exactly what we would’ve had. Will be back!” — Jim Y.

8. Walt & Whitman Brewing

You can view the menu on the Walt & Whitman Brewing website.

• Rated 4.5 out of 5 (108 reviews)

• Price: $$

• Address: 20 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “We went to Walt & Whitman for International Stout Day. The beer and pizza did not disappoint! We look forward to being in Saratoga again, so we can hang out here!! BTW this place is close to the convention center. Part of Walt & Whitman is the Walt Café, so you can eat every meal there. Yes, I did three straight meals there.” — Jill H.

7. 9 Miles East Farm

You can view the menu on the 9 Miles East Farm website.

• Rated 4.5 out of 5 (136 reviews)

• Price: $$

• Address: 64 Excelsior Avenue, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “Easily five stars. Wish I could give them more! Customer for life. Salads: We had the fall salad. Delicious. The homemade dressings were so tasty. Portion size is huge! Pizza: We had the sausage pizza… delicious. The crust was perfect and the sauce and cheese just yummy.  The local sausage was spicy and super tasty. Again, portion size was huge! Spicy honey sauce for said pizza: What a delicious idea! I tried drizzling this on my pizza for the first time. Amazing. Loved it. Will do this again.  They sell take away food as well. We bought a couple of jars of local honey to take home as gifts. Bought the corn-rosemary cookies. Delicate flavor. Their other bakery treats were sold out by noon. In addition to awesome salads and pizza, they offer freshly made soups. Today it was Thai red lentil. It looked so tempting… but we already had more food than we could possibly eat. This is hands down my favorite place in Saratoga. Go here. Indoor and outdoor seating. Plenty of tables.” — Caryna F.

6. Rhea

You can view the menu on the Rhea website.

• Rated 4 out of 5 (25 reviews)

• Address: 389 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “Rhea was wonderful! We ordered a bunch of the small plates and was able to try many different dishes. The best part is the menu changes so there are always new things to try.
Our server was fabulous and let me know that when I was hesitant about my drink selection, she told me not to worry, I could order something else if I didn’t like it. We ordered the teriyaki meatballs, the General Tso’s buns and the pork belly buns, the fried Brussels sprouts and topped it off with the bacon and kimchi rice. Everything and I do mean everything was delicious. The rice was the best!!! We will be going back to try some of the noodles. We definitely ordered way too much food but it was wonderful to try so many different flavors. This is a must when visiting Saratoga!!” — Paula W.

5. Carson’s Woodside Tavern

You can view the menu on the Carson’s Woodside Tavern website.

• Rated 4 out of 5 (184 reviews)

• Price: $$

• Address: 57 Route 9P, Malta

• Top review: “We had a really enjoyable dinner here. The Ruben was really delicious. The wings with dry rub were great. I liked that they served blue cheese with the wings… not just ranch. The French onion soup was a hit. Dessert was key lime pie… probably skip that next time. The onion rings were okay. The drinks selection was pretty good, and not expensive at all. Looks like they have a great Happy Hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. I’d go to that!  It’s winter and nighttime… I can imagine that the deck in the summer, overlooking the lake, is pretty great. We will become regulars here, I’m sure!” — Caryna F.

4. Comfort Kitchen

You can view the menu on the Comfort Kitchen website.

• Rated 4.5 out of 5 (376 reviews)

• Price: $$

• Address: 454 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “Great food (healthy, delicious) in a semi hidden location. Indoor and outdoor seating. This is a place I always enjoy eating in when I’m in Saratoga!” — Jill H.

3. 550 Waterfront

550 Waterfront is closed during most of the winter, but they do hold pop-up dinners. You can view the menu on the restaurant’s website.

• Rated 3.5 out of 5 (180 reviews)

• Price: $$

• Address: 550 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “We brought our toddler for Brunch with Santa and loved it! The hostess staff was very friendly and provided crayons and a sheet of paper/Santa wishlist. The server seemed a little bit overwhelmed, which was understandable because it was so busy in there! The ambiance and holiday decorations were so much fun! We ordered omelets that came with home fries, which were good, but not extraordinary. The cocktail drink menu looked good and there were some unique options but I didn’t order anything from it because I don’t drink anymore. Giving five stars because we appreciate places that go the extra mile to make it children friendly.” — Annie W.

2. Hamlet & Ghost

You can view the menu on the Hamlet & Ghost website.

• Rated 4.5 out of 5 (289 reviews)

• Price: $$

• Address: 24 Caroline Street, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “This is me screaming from the roof tops! Hamlet & Ghost has the best burger in Saratoga! I’ve had them all. There’s a few top contenders, but this is the winning burger. Hamlet & Ghost is known for their perfectly crafted cocktails, warm ambiance and delicious entrees.  But they should be known for this burger! Try it. You are welcome.” — Jason E.

1. 15 Church

You can view the menu on the 15 Church website.

• Rated 4.5 out of 5 (544 reviews)

• Price: $$$

• Address: 15 Church Street, Saratoga Springs

• Top review: “We had a dinner party celebration for my mothers 80th birthday with 11 people. Both the food and service were top notch! We chose to use a price fixed menu that included three choices for an entrée and family style for appetizers and dessert. Each course was delicious, especially the pork dumplings, the beef, and the mini donuts. The new manager, Josh, and the servers all made our celebration feel extra special!!” — Terry N.


Yelp’s ratings are based on the individual rating for each restaurant, as well as the number of reviews. The “best restaurant” ratings are the top recommended restaurants on Yelp, rather than the highest rated.