AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Southside Slice is moving out of the south side of Amsterdam. The pizzeria is moving from 68 Bridge Street to 189 Market Street.

The pizza place closed on September 23 for the move. Since it’ll no longer be on the south side, the pizzeria will now be named Slice.

After two years in the building on Bridge Street, owners Brent and Corey Yager decided that they wanted to move closer to the center of the city and make their pizzeria more accessible to those who don’t drive. They also own Drifter’s and What-A-Bargain in Amsterdam.

“When we were on the south side, we pushed for live music and pizza but sometimes it got so busy it just didn’t make sense,” said Brent Yager.

That’s why the owners have now decided to move the pizzeria and open up a live music venue in a different space. Originally planned to be in the former Southside Slice spot, Brent Yager said they are in talks to sign a lease on a new building that’s more centrally located in Amsterdam for the music hall.

Slice will no longer serve alcohol or have dine-in seating; it’ll be pick-up and delivery only. Yager said Slice is projected to have its grand reopening on Market Street within the next couple of weeks. They’ll be offering $2 slices of cheese pizza as a promotion for opening week.