RAVENA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For 12 years, Helping Harvest has worked towards a different approach to addressing food insecurity. 

The store offers groceries like dairy, produce and pantry staples at reduced prices — up to half the cost of a bigger grocery chain. 

“They pay drastically reduced prices and they make a donation on the way out,” Rebecca Flach, Executive Director of Hope Full Life Center, said. “What we love about the program is it encourages dignity and the pay it forward mentality that we want to see in our community.” 

The store works to accommodate all levels of need from those on SNAP benefits and food pantry programs to people who are just on the edge of food insecurity.

“We accept EBT as a form of payment here,” Flach said. “We see families who take SNAP and we also see families who are on the edge, who don’t qualify for some reason and are really struggling.”

Flach said she’s seen the impacts of inflation and rising food costs at Helping Harvest, with membership increasing 55% in 2022. She expects to see their membership numbers continue to increase in 2023.

“I worry about families who don’t have an option like this and what’s going to happen when they use up their SNAP allotment for the month,” Flach said. “What happens to families when they’ve used up their food pantry benefits for the month.”

As the program continues, Flach hopes to increase food supply and focus more on nutrition. She says volunteers are always needed and for those in need of assistance:

“They can just stop in during our operating hours, fill out the application and off they go,” Flach said.

More information on Helping Harvest, how to volunteer and donate can be found on their website.