ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Nick and Jodi Vaccaro’s love is one that has withstood the challenges life can throw one’s way. Through it all, their love has been the foundation of their unbreakable bond. This is their love story…

It all started many years ago at work. Jodi, who would travel from Buffalo, got a job offer in Albany and reached out to Nick about a vacant room in his place.

They began their friendship as roommates and along the way, one Valentine’s Day at Olive Garden, things changed.

Fast forward 12 years later, they are roomies for life.

Nick and Jodi Vaccaro are teammates for life.

Before Jodi could walk down the aisle, she had to get the approval of an important person in Nick’s life: his grandmother. In this video, watch how that meeting went:

While life has brought their challenges, the two lovebirds have never doubted their love.

“He’s my soulmate,” said Jodi.

More importantly for them, it’s family over everything. The couple has three sons and they enjoy doing many outdoor activities, including off-road racing.