HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Hoosick Falls woman is giving back to the community who gave to her during her time of need.

MaryJo Charron was homeless four years ago, and the community helped her during her time in need. Now, she gives back to the community by having free food and clothes on her porch for anyone who needs it to come grab them.

She said it started three years ago when she moved into her home and had extra food in wicker baskets.

“So with extra stuff from our house, we put baskets out and just offered it to the community,” she explained. “One basket let to another that led to the community involvement, now everyone is involved. The community drops things off — food, clothing, household items, toiletries — and it’s a whole entire community effort to make this happen.”

She also does donations for Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving meals and Christmas presents.