ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A local business that managed to survive the pandemic — and a whole lot more — is now facing a new challenge. The owner hopes a new state proclamation will help him keep the doors open.

Patsy’s was established in 1930 in downtown Albany. The barbershop has been providing the community with shaves and haircuts ever since. The question now is how long will they remain?

When you walk through the front door, you are taken back in time to the 1930s and immediately notice the antique mahogany trim and the original air pump barber chairs. You smell the hot lather in the air and clippers abuzz, dropping hair to the floor. Nearly 100 years later, they are still seating customers looking for that sharper edge.

“Pretty much the building was built around the barbershop.”

The original owner, Patsy Pugliesi, opened his doors in 1930. He was the barber for former governor Thomas Dewey. Since Patsy’s inception, the business has only transferred hands twice. Today’s owner, William “Tragedy” Yager, is now the shop’s third owner.

Early Friday morning, Patsy’s Barber Shop was recognized for its historical value and was placed on the state’s historical business registry.

“It’s a win-win for these businesses, and we hope it’ll help.”

However, Yager says the shop may be in jeopardy. His lease is month-to-month, and he said he’s concerned because he’s not signed — or even seen — a new and more permanent rental agreement.

“It’s really important as a valued service to the building. And the people have a place to get groomed. It’s, I think, it’s a benefit to the neighborhood and the community and everything in general.”

Yager says he’s still optimistic he’ll be able to keep the business at its current location and hopes to pass it down to his son in an effort to continue the tradition.

“A place of inclusion. Nobody ever judged anybody by their ethnicity or gender or any of that. It was very inclusive, and it still is to this day and we hope to pass that on to future generations.”

NEWS10 reached out to Harmony Group, the property management company, to ask them about the lease, but we have not heard back.