WOODSTOCK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – DakhaBrakha, a band from Kyiv, Ukraine, has been scheduled to perform at The Colony in Woodstock on July 29. The Ukrainian folk quartet combines the musical styles of several ethnic groups, described by NPR as “Ukrainian folk, meets punk.”

The band is currently on an international tour, hitting big spots like Berlin, Germany, and Marseille, France. They have received several national prizes in recent years, including the Schevchenko National Prize in both 2020 and 2021. The prize is the highest in Ukraine for works of culture and arts and has been awarded since 1961.

Back on February 21, when the band first heard of Russia’s invasion of their home country, they said, “Our dearest Ukrainians and friends all over the world, what we were afraid of, but were ready for, is happening. Vladimir Putin, Hitler of the twenty-first century, decided to conquer our land. Ukrainian cities and the military come under fire. However, we believe in our victory, the victory of good over evil, light over Russian darkness, which wants to destroy the whole world.”

The band went on to say that they believe in international support, and most of all, in the Ukrainian army. Of course, they were forced to cancel all upcoming concerts in Ukraine but said at the time that they would play concerts throughout the world to support Ukraine and raise money.

Now, The Colony has joined the list of those worldly concerts. Tickets for the July 29 show are on sale now online and range from $20 to $25.