ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After 45 years, The Egg in Albany will be allowing drinks in its Kitty Carlisle Hart and Lewis A. Swyer Theaters. The policy change goes into effect on Tuesday, October 10.

“This is the first step in breathing new life into The Egg and crafting an environment where art can be enjoyed in a more relaxed, comfortable setting,” said Diane Eber, the new executive director of The Egg. “This is one step in a larger intentional effort to open the arts to all and make our programming more inviting for broader audiences. Cheers to hatching a new era at The Egg!”

The Egg opened in 1978 and has prohibited beverages inside the theaters for most of its history except in special cases. Drinks would have to be consumed in the area outside the theaters.

This new permanent policy allows drinks to be sold and consumed inside the theaters during all performances. To avoid glass bottles, the concession stands at The Egg will offer beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages in single-serve containers which can be brought into the theaters.

“When Diane first proposed this shift, our board members universally agreed that it was an excellent idea,” said Mary A. Griffin, chair of The Egg’s Board of Directors. “This is one small part of the approach we knew and expected Diane would bring with her to Albany. The Egg has enjoyed a long, storied path throughout its history, and Diane’s fresh perspective allows us to continue breaking new ground while keeping The Egg’s guest experience at the forefront.”

This new beverage policy will be implemented for Steve Hackett’s performance on October 10. Eber will lead a toast from the stage at 7:15 p.m. to celebrate the new policy.