SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – COVID-19, in some form or another, has affected nearly everyone’s lives over the past two years. But one local family was hit especially hard by the virus in November of 2021 when they lost both a father and son.

Just six days apart, Julia Martin lost her 27-year old son Jacob and her 57-year old husband Rick to the virus. Since their passing in November, she says life has been anything but easy. So, some friends and family put on a benefit concert in Saratoga to help out.

“It really makes a difference to have friends and family who are so supportive. Like today was just an overwhelming example of the kind of support that the community rally behind,” Martin says, “I’m really touched by it. I’m really moved by it and I’ll never forget it.”  

The benefit featured food, drinks, raffles from local businesses, and numerous bands from around the Capital Region; including the band of Julia’s son Ben who played in honor of his father and brother.

“Her world was turned upside down and when her world was turned upside down, our world was turned upside down,” says Julia’s sister Mary Jude, “we are a very close family. She has four siblings and a lot of nieces and nephews in the family. So we’re very tight-knit and when one feels the pain we all feel the pain.”