SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In a Board of Education meeting on January 4, Schenectady City School District Superintendent Anibal Soler, Jr. proposed the $300 million Schenectady Revitalization Plan 2030. The plan would bring renovations, upgrades and revitalize Schenectady schools over the next seven years.

The district has 18 campuses and an average building age of 95 years old. The plan includes work on eight school buildings and the central kitchen. The projects also addresses the needs across the district that were found in the Building Condition Survey. The survey included whether the district should continue to lease Keane Elementary School from the Albany Diocese or if they should buy they building.

“With this, I mean imparting new fresh energy into our schools.” said Soler. “This isn’t about fixing a window or updating the outside of an old building. This is about revitalizing instructional spaces for our kids.”

In addition to the work on the school buildings, the plan includes pursuing a facility for a district Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE). Student registration, the transportation department and special education offices would be located in the center. It would also include a district parent center where parents would have access to technology and trainings, and offer programming in the evening and on weekends.

Soler said the capital project would not impact taxpayers because the district receives 98% state aid. The other 2% would be covered with funding that is set aside in the district’s capital reserve fund and Excel aid.

The plan does need referendum approval and is set to be voted on May 16, which is the same day as the district’s 2023-2024 Budget vote. If voters approve the project, the plan moves forward with design, collecting input and feedback, reviewing documents, building utilization and so on.

Based on the Building Condition Survey, these are the proposed, but not limited to, improvements on the school buildings. To view the full Schenectady Revitalization Plan 2030, you can visit the Schenectady City School District website.

Schenectady High School, $126 million

• Program Improvements
• Arrival and Departure
• Main Office
• CTE Classrooms
• Athletics Wing Reconstruction
• Cafeteria and Kitchen
• Secure Building – Continue
• Upgrade Exterior Window System
• Upgrade Interior Wire Glass
• Upgrade Existing Corridors to Smoke Walls
• Replace/Repair Lockers
• Upgrade Doors and Hardware
• Secure Perimeter Doors/Access
• Upgrade Interior Finishes
• Mitigate Moisture in Wing
• Renovate Locker Rooms
• Reconstruct Student/Public Toilet Rooms ADA
• ADA Accessibility Upgrades to Access and Finishes
• Renovate the Administrators Suite
• Replace AHU’s
• Replace Unit Vents
• Upgrade Ventilation System
• Asphalt Replacement
• Replace Concrete Walks

Central Park Middle School, $25 million

• Program Improvements
• Toilet Room Upgrades
• Masonry Repointing
• Repair/Replace Broken Stone Caps
• Upgrade Doors and Hardware
• Remove Deadbolts and Provide ADA Levers
• Upgrade Floor Finishes
• Replace Ceilings
• Patch/Repair Plaster Walls and Ceilings
• Provide Ventilation
• Upgrade Hot Water Distribution System
• Upgrade Electrical Power Distribution System
• Replace Portions of Domestic Water Service
• Upgrade Sanitary Sewer System

Steinmetz Campus, $25 million

The projects plans to take the Steinmetz program out of its current location, to revitalize the entire building and reopen it as a new Freshman Leadership Academy in fall 2025. This will also help create a swing space at Schenectady High School while work is being done there.

• Program Improvements
• Science Classrooms
• Cafeteria/Kitchen
• Branding and Wayfinding
• Masonry Restoration – Efflorescence
• Toilet Room Upgrades
• Coordinate Site Utilities with Site Control Devices
• Provide Secure Entry Vestibule
• Repair Connector Bridges
• Replace Doors and Hardware
• Upgrade Interior Finishes
• Renovate Science Rooms
• Replace Boilers
• Upgrade Ventilation System
• New Perimeter Heating system
• Ventilate Toilet Rooms
• Upgrade Fixtures
• Replace Domestic Water Service and Sanitary Sewer
• Upgrade Fire Alarm and Building Wide Communication System

Van Corlaer Elementary School, $11 million

• Program Improvements
• Secure Entry
• Masonry Restoration
• Upgrade Interior Finishes
• Replace Toilet Partitions
• Repair/Replace Cracking Terrazzo
• Provide Mechanical Ventilation
• Replace Boilers
• Upgrade Steam Distribution System/Radiators
• New Mechanicals Building Wide
• Upgrade Fire Alarm System
• Replace asphalt pavement in parking lot
• Replace asphalt playground behind building

Lincoln Elementary School, $12 million

• Program Improvements
• Secure Vestibule
• Right Size Classrooms
• Stairs and Handrails – Not Code Compliant
• Masonry Restoration
• Replace Roof
• Slate Roof Repair
• Exterior Envelope Reconstruction
• Replace Spalding Cracking Plaster Ceilings
• Replace Flooring
• Replace Doors and Hardware
• Provide New Mechanical Ventilation System
• Provide New hot water distribution system
• Upgrade Electrical Power Distribution System
• South pavement in deteriorated condition
• Upgrade Playing Fields

Paige Elementary School, $6 million

• Program Upgrades
• Counseling Suite
• Create a Secure Vestibule
• Masonry Restoration
• Replace Doors and Hardware
• Interior Deadbolts to be removed and replaced
• Exterior Window System Replacement
• Floor Finish Upgrades
• Replace Gym Partition
• Upgrade Existing Classroom Finishes
• Electric Service Upgrades
• Replace Hot Water System
• Provide New Ventilation
• Upgrade Fire Alarm System

Howe Elementary School, $13 million

• Program Improvements
• Secure Entry Vestibule
• Music and Art Classrooms
• Replace Concrete Steps
• Exterior Masonry Restoration
• Provide New Doors and Hardware
• Replace Flooring
• Add Kindergarten Toilet Rooms
• Replace Millwork
• AHU and Ventilation system Upgrades
• Provide Mop Sinks
• Upgrade Camera’s and System
• Asphalt driveways in deteriorated condition
• Concrete sidewalks and site walls, and chain link fencing in deteriorated condition

Fulton Building, $7 million

The Fulton School can serve as a swing space for an elementary school when needed.

• Program Improvements
• Secure Entry Vestibule
• Masonry Restoration
• Scape and Paint Exterior Lintels
• Address ADA Accessibility
• Upgrade Electrical Service
• Replace Exterior Window System
• Replace Doors and Hardware
• Upgrade Interior Finishes
• Renovate Gym Space
• Replace AHU’s
• Replace Hot Water Distribution System
• Renovate Domestic Water
• Renovate Sanitary Sewer System
• Upgrade Plumbing Fixture
• Replace concrete and asphalt walks and pavement