AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — We’re a few weeks into the school year, and students are diving into their learning. For a group of Amsterdam middle schoolers, their sweet syllabus is giving them a lesson they can use for life.

“We’re making snickerdoodle cookies,” student Brennen Hartwell told NEWS10.

“It’s like the Amsterdam cookie. If you ask anyone, that’s what they made when they were at school here,” explained teacher Kelsey Heck.

Students at Lynch Literacy Academy, a middle school in the Amsterdam district, are back in the kitchen after two years without cooking in the Family and Consumer Science Class. Learning from home and certain COVID-19 precautions got in the way, but now the kids have returned to brushing up on their baking skills.

“We learned not to pack down the flour because because then it could get clumpy,” Hartwell expertly explained, “and we don’t want that.”

The students are thrilled to be using a brand-new kitchen facility complete with standing mixers. After going over the different measuring quantities, they grouped up and got to work on the recipe.

“It’s not just life skills like measuring, it’s teamwork and how to communicate as well,” said Heck.

Kicking off this fall with some normal activities is a relief for students and teachers.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my friends,” Hartwell said. “It’s just fun to see them in person.”

“Homecoming is happening this week, we’re starting with cooking this week,” Heck said. “We’re pushing ahead with all these great things, which is just nice to see.”